Bulk Materials We Ship Worldwide

Iron ore/ Iron fines


IMI, together with our partners, have developed a consistent supply network to provide a reliable product in parallel with technical assistance for the best application and long term sales agreements.

IMI, in partnership with the Diproinduca Group, sells a range of products used as raw materials within the steel industry as Sinter Feed, Pellet Feed and also direct charge into the Blast Furnaces. Our products range from 55% to 70% total Fe content, catering to a vast array of specific requirements by enabling the use of lower spec, lower cost materials in Sinter feed blends, thus improving the overall cost structure of our end users.

We deliver over 2 million tons of iron related materials per year, sourced mainly in the Americas and destined for China, Korea, Mexico and European markets. Our shipments range in size from Handysize to Panamax, depending on the product and port capabilities at origin or destination. Most of IMI’s sales are CFR, ensuring proper control and service throughout the entire supply chain.